Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eid wishes from across the miles.......

As eid approaches people in general across the globe(espInd,Pak)start cleaning their homes from ceiling to roof,their vehicles,from cycle to cars,wash thier clothes rainging from cap to coats,decorate thier beds and cots,polish their shoes and sandals,scent thier sofa set n sherwani's ,novel thier flats and homes and replace the old things with new ones.In short they do every possible thing they can but they forget to do one thing which is more important than the above ones.They forget to clean thier tiny hearts with sincere repentance,polish it with seeking forgiveness and reciting Qur'an al kareem,beautifying it with humbleness,honoring it by chanting takbeer and perfuming it by speaking truly and polietly.~Hamid.

May your Eid Day be bright…From the moment it starts

With each wonderful thing…That brings joy to your home

And may each tomorrow… Throughout you’re life

Bring even more happiness…blessings and smiles

Have a blessed Eid with goodness, Peace and Prosperity.

You are far away from me right now but...distance can't separate Hearts.Thats why I know we(friends in faith)are thinking of each Other in a very Special way !!!

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