Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everytime Everything Worships.

Ibn Atallah Rahimahullah:

“What has he lost who has found you (O Allah), and what has he found who has lost you (O Allah)”

Fakhr ad-Dln ar-Razl, one of the great commentators upon the Quran said:
The worship of the eyes is weeping,the worship of the ears is listening,the worship of the tongue is praising,the worship of the hand is giving,the worship of the body is efforts and the worship of the soul is surrenderance and satisfaction in Allah.

From the Wise Sayings of Luqman:

“If you’re in prayer, take care of your heart;

If you’re eating, take care of your throat;

If you’re in another man’s house, take care of your eyes;

If you are among people, take care of your tongue.

Remember two matters and forget two matters:

Remember Allah (SWT) and death;

Forget any good that you have done to another and any evil that was done to you by another.”

The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him[17:44]

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