Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Voice & Words Touching To Heart Core.

Artist: Abdul-Karim Mubarak
Song: وقفت حروفي

The singer uses a lot of similies and methaphors in this nasheed. The meaning of the chorus describes his amazement with regards to respect for the Qur'an. He goes to on to describe how his pen is speaking on its own will describing his longing to meet Allah, and he tells it to repeat what it just said. One can get an idea of how deep the arabic language is. 
Hence the nasheed is about ikhlaas(sincerity for the sake of Allah) and also about having a loving respect for the book of Allah. 
May Allah (Azza-wajal) help us increase our ikhlaas towards Him, and grow our love for His book. Ameen

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