Saturday, May 02, 2009

Die Rich, If You Were Born Poor.

Saeed Said: Do not be sad because you are black,for among the best of people three were black:Bilal bin rabah(r)-the caller to prayer of Allah's messenger; Mahja-freed slave of umar bin khattab(r) and Luqman Hakim-mentioned in Qur'an.

Do not be sad because you were born black and poor,It's not your mistake nor of your creator's, but It's just a matter of test for you.Do not be proud of yourself because you were born white and rich,It's not your greatness nor of your father's, but It's just a matter of test for you too.The one who is not thankful for a small blessing cannot be thankful even for a mountain of gold... So be thankful for every little thing you have and remember that no two individuals can have three things same i.e Face,Fate & Future-Hamid

"Indeed the one who is poor is the one who has lost his religion,the only one who is destroyed is the one whose religion is destroyed.Know that there is no poverty after paradise and there is no richness after the helfire"-Jundub

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Excellent Blog. Keep this good work said...


I like your blog. plz keep the good work going

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

walaikumussalam brother.

I love your site-It's awesome & fantastic for the lovers of Qur'an-Lets tune our soul with it.
The best thing to do with the Qur'an is to know it in the head,stow it in the heart,sow it in the world and show it in the life.


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