Friday, November 28, 2008

Who wins & who loses?




Islam showed us how to differ with one another. Some people think that we should never differ at all and all disagreements should be avoided. Nay, this is an incorrect assumption, for the Qur'an and sunnah show clearly when a mistake is made it should be corrected,Indeed,helping others do what is right is a requirement of the deen.


"I lose and you win!"


A Bedouin came to rasulullah (saw) and told him," give me from what Allah gave you, not from the wealth of your mother or from the wealth of your father."

The sahabah were furious at the man and step forward to discipline him for what he said.Rasulullah (saw) commanded everyone to leave him.


Then, taking him by the hand, rasulullah (saw) took him home, opened his door and said:" take what you wish and leave what you wish." The man did so and after he completed, rasulullah (saw) asked him, "Have I honored you?"  "yes by Allah," said the Bedouin and entered in to Islam.


When the sahabah heard of how than man changed.rasulullah (saw) taught them:" verily the example of myself, you and this Bedouin is that of a man who had his camel run away. The townspeople tried capturing the camel for him by running and shouting after the camel, only driving it further away. The man would shout, 'leave me and my camel, I know my camel better.' then he took some grass in his hand, ruffled it in front of the camel, until it came willingly. By Allah, had I left you to this Bedouin, you would have hit him, hurt him, he would have left without Islam and eventually entered hellfire.


"I wind and you lose!"


A Muslim should not have an apologetic stance to everything he is confronted with. There are times when the truth must be said, when there is no room for flattery.


When the makhzoomi women-a women from an affluent family, stole, people approached rasulullah (saw) to have her punishment cancelled.Rasulullah (saw) became very angry and stood on the pulpit and announced, By Allah, had Fatima the daughter of Muhammad (saw) stolen I would have cut her hand off."


No room for flattery, the truth must be stood up for.


"I win and you win1"


There doesn't always have to be a loser. We see in many cases that Rasulullah (saw) gave a way out for the people he differed with.


When he sent the letter to Caesar, he said in it," Become Muslim and you shall be safe, Allah shall give you your reward doubled!"


He did not say: Surrender or die! Nothing of the sort. Become Muslim and you shall win, rather your victory shall be double.


I shall end with this shining example of how to act with other Muslims from one of our roe models, Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him):

He once disputed with another companion about a tree; during the dispute Abu bakr said something that he felt he should not have said. He did not curse; he did not attack the man's honor, he did not poke a fault at anyone, all he said was something that may have hurt the other companion's feelings.


Immediately, Abu bakr; understanding the mistake, ordered him: "say it back to me!" The companion said:" I shall not say it back." "Say it back to me," said Abu bakr, "or I shall complain to the messenger of Allah." The companion refused to say it back and went to his way.


Abu bakr went to rasulullah (saw) and related what had happened and what he said.Rasulullah (saw) called that companion and asked him: "did Abu bakr say so and so to you?" He said: "Yes" he said: "I did not reply it back to him."Rasulullah (saw) said: "Good, do not reply it back to him (do not hurt Abu bakr).Rather say, 'May Allah forgive you Abu Bakr!"


The companion turned to Abu bakr and said: "May Allah forgive you Abu Bakr! May Allah forgive you Abu Bakr?" Abu Bakr turned and cried as he walked away.


Let us leave today with a resolve to revive this air Rasulullah (saw) and his companions breathed, an air of mercy and love and brotherhood.


And Allah knows best. [Edited by: pravez akhtar, contribution courtesy:]


hikmet said...

Jazak'Allah Kheir for is heart-warming to learn those things...and be reminded.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

Salam akhee hikmet.I like to share everything knowledgeable and useful with evryone,everywhere and everytime for sharing is caring and caring is heart warming.


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