Tuesday, October 07, 2008

what you send today will meet you tomorrow .

Life is always fair, and the reason for that is the hereafter. For anyone who believes in the hereafter will realize that every hardship will hit a dead end. And that dead end will have a door, beyond the door is the reward. When one accepts fate, situations, hardships, pain, they have already passed 50% of the trial by accepting it. Then it’s about getting through it. Knowing that Allah is the only one who can give it and also clear us of it will make us turn to Him and then we will find is so much easier. What makes it hard is the fact that we think “life isn’t fair”, “why me?” “why do i deserve this?” etc. We are tiny tiny creations and we can NEVER question our Lord. - Br. Yasin

Remember your graves because your way passes over it.You will be dealt with as you deal with others,you will reap what you sow,and what you send today will meet you tomorrow-Hazrat Ali(r).

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