Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A lesson in it.

A Mother asked her family doctor "why don't women of this generation find enough milk to breast feed thier children?The doctor remained silent for a moment and then said,"Imagine cows in the field that are constantly driven at high speeds,each night,when they return to the baryard,they will not be able to give forth milk,Madame,such is the state of mothers today."

It is said that a beggar went to a rich man from khurasan and asked for help.He heard him say to his servant,"O gold,say to gem,to say to jewel,to say to sapphire,to say to this beggar that we do not have anything."
The beggar raised his hands and said "O my lord,say to Jibraeel,to say to Mikaeel, to say to Israfeel,to say to Izraeel to take the soul of this miser".

Taken from the book Gems & Jewels-Abdul Malik Mujahid.

1 comment:

hikmet said...

Jaza'k Allah for that Aya'. Subhan Allah it is one those ones I can never forget....
one of those ayas where one keeps at the tip of the tongue...such a beautiful one.


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