Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Third Place To Go.

We are not here by our own choice is acknowledge by all.But the suggestion that if we are not here by our choosing,thensimple and straight forward logic implies that we have been sent,is immediately and summarily rejected.Why? Because ,to admit that we have been sent leads by implication to "someone" who sent.But this someone is unacceptable.Why?Because,this someone then becomes the master.But the arrogant will not submit themselves to any master.
Allah is testing man not in order to make him suffer one heartache after another. ,but in order to qualify him for paradise. the 1st man in heaven committed an error.In consequence,he lost the properties necessary in paraidse..Paradise is designed for the sinless.Sinless is not one who does not sin.Sinless is one who does not think of sinning.No one,with the most minor sin and its effect on body ,mind and soul will ever enter paradise,until he is cleansed either in hell or through a spiritual operation called-forgiveness
The above is the reason is the reason why angels are able to live in heavens.They are sinless.Our prophet visited the heavens.He was able to,because he was sinless.In addition,his chest was opened just before the journey,impurity removed from his heart,and he was fully cleansed before the journey.Reports say that martyrs are in the form of green birds in paradise under the Arsh.Why?Because,the prophet has informed us that the sins of a martyr are forgiven before the first drop of his blood reaches the ground.
The first man who committed the error( may Allah show him peace) underwent such physical and spiritual transformations that renderd him ill-adapted to live and survive in paradise.Just like a fish.If it undergoes such modifications as removal of certain glands and replacement with those of say,mammals,it becomes disqualified to live in water.It must leave water and reside on the land.If it enters water,it will die out.Similarly,man cannot survive in paradise anymore unless he undergoes modifications in his mental,moral and spiritual properties to become ,once again,what he was in paradise before he committed the sin,if he entered in to paradise without such modifications,he might die once he steps in to it.
The test man is put to,therefore ,is not in the sense of tribultion,nor does it consist in Allah trying to find out who qualifies and who does not.He knows all.But rather the "test" is in the snse of an examination to reveal to a person where he belongs.
We may strike an example.when you wish to drive a car,you are asked to obtain a license.without the license you do not have the right to be in the drivers seat.To obtain a license,you are subjected to various tests.One of them,for example,is an eye test.No blind man or defective of sight will be allowed to enter the streets.There fore,you undergo an eye-test as also several other test.This is not a punishment from the authorities.But rather,they know the kind of traffic that there is in the streets.They know who can enter the streets.They know who can enter the streets with a car,and who cannot be alllowed to do so.So you undergo the tests.If you fail,you cannot be allowed to come in to street.You will cause havoc.
Similarly,a sinful,spiritually blind,unrepentet man,bearig base qualities cannot be allowed in to the world of bliss called paradise. He is not qualified.He lacks the necessary physical and spiritual requirements.If allowed to enter in his corrupt state,he might immediately die,just like a land animal in water. Or like an earthly man on mars:he will choke to death beacuse of the nitrogen atmosphere.Or if he is allowed in to paradise,he will create havoc there.For him to survive in heaven,heaven itself will have to be modified.It might have to be modified to some thing like what the earth is.Understandbly if that is done,the riminals will turn paradise in to hell for the purified sinless men and women,just as they have created hell on earth for pious men and women.Reports say that the one entering last and receiving ten times this earth and more,can u imagine the chaos he will spread,if he is a corrupt person, is given complete freedom over his territory and has eternal life before him?
So,the qualification test is necessary to determine who should be allowed in and who will simply not survive in that different world.This cleanising is so important that even the earth on which the people will be assembled for judgement will be cleansed.Reports say that Allah will create a new eath on which no sin would have been committed,on which mankind will be assembled for reckoning.
Now,whether Allah knows beforehand about a ceratin man;s fitness for hell or for paraidse,is immaterial.That is another issue altogether,The issue here is whether a certain man is fit for hell or for paradise.He takes the test in this life and has a lfetime to attain purty.If he qualifies he earns the license to enter in to paradise.If he fails,he goes to hell.There is no third place to go.

Taken n shortend from:Young muslim digest

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Amina said...

great post...very true, we are living here just for moment, as a test or preparation for life hereafater


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