Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here to Hereafter-A Heavy Reminder.

"O people indeed you have not been created with out a purpose and you will not be left alone with out being held accountable.And you have a final destination where Allah will judge among you.He will indeed be the loser who is outside of Allah's mercy, which comprehends all things.He is the loser who will be forbidden from the paradise whose width is as the heavens and the earth.Know that safety tommorow is for he who fears his lord and sells a small amount to achieve abundance.I say this to you, though I do not know of anyone more sinful than me among you and I ask Allah to forgive both me and you".[Umar bin Abdul-Aziz]
                           It was said to Umar bin Abdul-Aziz "O leader of the believers,you have much wealth in your hands,but we do not see you owing even those things that your house is in need of ".He said, "A house should not be furnished in the fleeting world,there is an abode to which we have transported our best possesions, and after a short while we are moving there - the hereafter"
Source:Taken from the book-Gems & Jewels of Islam by Malik Mujahid.

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