Monday, October 08, 2007

Wonder Of All Wonders!

Then Allah subhanahu wata'la revealed to his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayi wa sallam with the final divine message for whole of humanity:Al Qur'an/Al-Furqan/Al-Kitab/Az-zikr/At-Tanzeel.
The forth caliph of Islam Hazrath Ali(r) said the following about Qur'an.
It is a light whose radiance shall not be extinguished;
A lamp whose flame shall not die;
An ocean whose depth shall not be fathomed;
A path which shall not lead astray;
A blaze whose brilliance shall not be darkened;
A criterion whose evidence shall not be suppressed;
An elucidation whose cornerstones shall not be demolished;
A cure with which there is no fear of ailments;
A power whose supporters cannot be defeated;
A truth whose helpers will not be forsaken.
Thus, it is the source of faith and its prosperity;
It is the fountain-head of knowledge and its vastness;
The meadow of justice and its flowing streams;
The support of Islam and its foundation;
The valleys of the truth and its fields;
An ocean that shall not be drained by those who draw upon it;
A spring that shall not be exhausted by those who draw from it;
A watering place that shall not be depleted by those who come to it;
A station whose road the travelers do not miss;
A signpost which the wayfarers will always see;
The hilltops that cannot be bypassed by those who seek them.
God has made it the quencher of the thirst of scholars,
A vernal season for the hearts of the jurists,
A destination for the path of the righteous,
A cure after which there is no malady,
A light which does not alternate with darkness,
A rope whose knots are firm,
A stronghold whose peak is impregnable.
It is power for whoever cultivates it,
Peace for whoever dwells on it,
A guidance for whoever follows it,
A laudable act for whoever embraces it,
An argument for whoever speaks for it,
A witness for whoever fights for it,
A sharp instrument for whoever bases his arguments on it,
A support for whoever supports it,
A means of deliverance for whoever employs it,
A sign for the discriminating, a shelter for whoever seeks healing,
A source of knowledge for whoever has sense,
And the best narrative for its transmitters,
And a means for the one who sits in judgment."
Beauty is the Qur'anic verses, Exquisite in it's sequence
As the Arabic words drip off one another
Silky a transition as the pattern of the rain.
Raining on our barren tongues and quenching the thirst of searching
Beauty is the Qur'anic verses, Which spell all that we know
In which it's hidden beauty may be unlocked
Unlocked by the searchers, Who care not of this world.

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