Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Plan for Ramadan 2007

Seven ( 7 ) T's and Seven ( 7 ) S's

1.Tauba--(Repentance) with Tadharru' (fervent Dua)

2.Tahajjud--(Pre dawn prayers) with Taskeen(Peaceful)

3.Tasbeeh --with Tahmeed-o-Tahleel and Takbeer (Praising my Rabb-(Lord)

4.Tadabbur-o-Tafakkur --(pondering (tadabbur), reflection (tafakkur) on Qur'an and Hadith with Tawadhu (humility)

5.Tilawatul Qur'an --(Recitation of Qur'an)) with Tajweed (Arabic grammar),Tarjuma (Translation) Tafseer( Commentary)

6.Tarawih -- (It is an Arabic phrase referring to extra prayers in Ramadhan) with
Tatawwu' (Nafil Ibadah)

7.Taqwa-- (God consciousness, fear of Allah, righteousness throughout the 24 hours Inshallah.) with Tajzia(Spiritual Development.)

Seven ( 7 ) S's

1.Salam--(Islamic greeting to every muslim)

2.Salath--(Oligatory Prayer-5 times a day)

3.Sadaqa--(Voluntary charity)

4.Sabr--(patience, forebearance, steadfastness, firmness, preserverance)


6.Siwak--(It is a natural toothbrush made from the twigs of the Salvadora persica tree)

7.Siratal-Mustaqeem--(Staight path of Islam)

More over, Inshallah I would like to feel it...

1.Sweetness in Sabr.

2.Fragrance in Fajr.

3.Calmness in Zuhr.

4.Essence in Asr.

5.Mercy in Magrib.

6.Incense in Isha.

7.Tranquility in Tarawih.

The heart becomes sick, as the body becomes sick, and its remedy is al-Tawbah.It becomes rusty as a mirror becomes rusty,and its clearity is obtained by az-Zikr.It becomes naked as the body becomes naked,and its beautification is al-Taqwa.It becomes hungry and thirsty as the body becomes hungry and thirsty,and its food and drink are knowledge,love,dependance,repentance and servitude.-Ibn al- qayyim.


MAY the sacred moon of the coming holy month,
Appear with an unprecedented glory and grace;
To become the harbinger of a new watershed,
Which transforms mankind's values and face.

MAY the force of penitence,hunger and thirst,
Conquer the vices of revenge,rancour and greed;
To pave the way for love,affection and solicitude,
Which make this humanity an angelic creed.

MAY the showers of Divine Blessings in abundance,
Give solace to the world, and make it meek and mild
To cover the angry globe with heavenly ambiance,
Which enfolds within itself each man,woman and child


Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, LL. D.
Former President, All India Muslim Forum


Leila said...

mashaAllah....so inspirational...jazakallah khair for sharing. Ramadan Mubarak!

cd said...

As Salaamu Alaikum:

Mash'ALlah, what a nice blog you got going. I hope to stop by. I really enjoyed reading through what you have displayed on the sidebar of your blog.



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