Sunday, September 30, 2007

How was Satan created?

He is created from fire, and fire has many functions. We can describe some of its characteristics, such as hurriedness and destruction. Fire's nature is that evil exists in it.
Satan is from fire, and he possesses all these characteristics and much worse. So what does Satan want from us as human beings? Well, he wants humans to neglect the role which Allah wrote for us, in ruling the earth and prospering inside it. Satan wants to do seven things to us:
1) Satan wants us to end up in the depths of hell. So he will try his best to let us become disbelievers.
2) If he fails, he will work hard to make you to associate partners with God. It doesn't have to be other false gods; it can be materialistic things which you favour over God, for example fashion, money, etc.
3) If he fails, he will continuously whisper in your ears to make you commit the major sins.
4) If he fails, he will work hard to influence you to continuously increase your minor sins.
5) If he fails, he will let you waste your time.
6) If he fails, he will let you become occupied with trivial things, and make you neglect more important issues.
7) If he fails in all six points, he will then try to harm you by doing anything, such as making people laugh at you or mock you.
So let's ask ourselves which number are we at now? If we failed before, let's take this Ramadan as our chance to reconcile with Allah, to change ourselves, and our deeds.
The Qur'an said, yes satan succeeded in his mission to deviate human beings, yet still, he has no power or influence over the believers. Those, who Allah says in the Qur'an, are faithful servants to Him alone.
So don't fear, Allah is with us! He is providing us with a good army resembled in the Qur'an, prayers, remembrance of Allah, Ramadan, good companions, and repentance.
This war between us and Satan will last until the end of time. So let's make an effort to win this war by not giving him a chance to drive us to hell. Let's work very hard this Ramadan, by avoiding all of Satan's temptations. Submit yourselves to Allah, and ask Allah to increase your faith in Ramadan, and ask Him to keep your faith stable.

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