Thursday, July 19, 2007

Follow the muslims.They know the way!

All I have is Allah (Lord of the worlds)

Oh, I have no money, but I have You. I am rich.

Oh Allah, I have no freedom, but I believe in You. I am free.

Oh Allah, I have no patience, but I read Your Qu'ran. I am calm.

Oh Allah, I get no respect, but You listen to my Du'A. I am proud.

Oh Allah, I have no time, but I think of Jannah. I have forever.

Oh Allah, I have much time, but I look at Your Signs. I have today

Oh Allah, I feel so weak, but I eat Your food. I am strong.

Oh Allah, I feel so dirty, but I repent to You. I am cleansed.

Oh Allah, I feel so depressed, but I remember you. I am at peace.

Oh Allah, I feel so lost, but I follow Your Commands. I am safe.

Oh Allah, nobody listens, but You never turn your back on me. I am grateful.

Oh Allah, my heartbreaks, but I imagine meeting You. My heart finds rest

Oh Allah, I cry every night, but I make wudu (ablution). I wash away my tears.

Oh Allah, I feel so alone, but I pray to You. I have everything.

Oh Allah, I don't want this life, and I will die, only to live forever.

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." [Surah Ar R'ad 13:28]

All I have is Allah,
All I need is Allah.

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